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So, it’s not going as planned... your best laid plans to become healthy and be a better version of yourself seem to get just within your reach and then suddenly life happens and you’re back at square one.... I know what that feels like because I’ve done it- more than once- damn, more than twice even.  I’ve felt like a failure.  Why couldn’t I get my act together?  I guess I just don’t have what it takes ... why keep trying when it just doesn’t matter in the end? Any of this sound remotely familiar? Join the club my friend- it’s a big ass group (no pun intended) and  not a single one of us is a failure and neither are you.

Did you step outside of your comfort zone to seek help for yourself? WIN! Did you keep coming even when your consistency wasn't what you wanted it to be? WIN! Did you do your best on the workouts? WIN! Did you become more mindful of your nutrition? WIN!

As a coach, I know that it's the little things that build up to a winning season. Every day doing the little things....And that it takes time to rebuild when seasons change. You can do that too- I'm so proud of you for taking those steps. I promise that if you keep taking those little steps, they get easier and pretty soon you look behind you and damn-you just won the game! And your journey is looking brighter and brighter!

A lot of us are heading into new seasons in our lives and one of the things we like to do here is support each other through that. It's not always easy and rosy, but it's always worth it.... I have yet to have someone say "I shouldn't have tried to be better." Including myself.... so maybe you want to try it for a little longer and see how much better you can feel. No judgement, just support and encouragement from people who've struggled too.

Maybe just think about're very much worth it!

Work out. Eat well. Be patient. Your body will reward you.

We're here to help you on your journey of ascension.

See You at the Gym!

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